Start Burning Fat Today!

So you’ve made it this far on your own!  You’ve been searching the internet using keywords to find the best way to burn fat and importantly, to burn fat quickly!

There are many reasons why we suddenly decide that we need to lose weight, start burning through stubborn fats, or change our body shapes.  Ultimately there aren’t any right or wrong answers to this but the fact you’ve decided to start now and have made it here means you need a little help – and again there’s nothing wrong with that.

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How Can We Help You?

There are three ways you can start burning fat, losing weight and looking awesome today – here’s a quick overview of what you can start doing straight away:

  1. Change what you eat and focus on foods your body can burn through quickly and easily.
  2. Start exercising and push yourself regularly  – Force your body to work harder and burn through stubborn stored fat.
  3. Choose a fat burning or weight loss supplement that works for you and fits into your lifestyle – There’s thousands on the market so choose the one that works for you.

Changing Your Diet

First things first, we need to be really clear here.  We’re not suggesting you go on a diet at all, most diets aren’t sustainable and you’ll ultimately be left feeling empty, hungry and unhappy.

Think about what your goals are and what you’re eating.  To lose weight you need to work from a calorie negative diet, this means you need to consume less calories than you’re burning each day.  For many people this can be controlled simply by looking at portion sizes for each of your meals.

Another really quick meal check is to look at the colors of the different foods on the plate – Too many pale yellows or whites means you’re too heavy on the carbohydrates.  Not enough greens, reds or oranges then maybe you’re running low on fruit and vegetables, aka key fibres.  You can get your fats from omega 3, fish or meat.

Exercise and Raise Your Heart Rate

The options here are endless and before we get carried away, this doesn’t mean you need to sign up to a gym if that’s not your scene.

You need to increase your heart rate to promote fat burning.  Raising your heart rate means your body works harder to send blood and oxygen to your vital organs and muscles.  Your metabolic temperature is increased which means your body has to again work harder to keep you cool.

Forcing your body to work harder means it’s burning through fuel or rather fat stores much quicker.  Workouts can be no more than 30 minutes if that’s all the time you can spare and could be anything from a walk, a run or an at home HIIT session (checkout our workouts for more info on these).

Choosing Your Supplements

It would be easy for us to through supplement names at you now as there are so many available in today’s market.  What would we recommend?  Brands like Phen375, Phen24, PhenQ, Evolution Slimming, Capsiplex Sport and NiacinMax are all great brands