Amazing Celebrity Weight Loss

Celebrity Weight Loss Results

Celebrity weight loss strategies portrayed before the eyes of the public may be rife with melodrama and intrigue, but some of them are actually inspirational stories about the triumphs of determined high-profile individuals to win against the battle of the bulge.

Society usually deems celebrities as superhuman entities that are either infallible when it comes to losing inches around strategic areas or invulnerable to weight gain. But some of them don’t fit the archetypal Hollywood body type – from those who are naturally voluptuous to those who have just added a few extra pounds due to pregnancy.

Weight Loss Strategies

What are the celebrity weight loss strategies that the viewing public can learn a thing or two about? Some celebrities may go under the knife and have plastic surgery which is the reason behind their celebrity weight loss. However, you have to keep in mind that, following the path to plastic surgery may not be the solution, but rather add misery to your body. This is because plastic surgery has many side effects which will affect and weaken your body.

Following the signature curves of the celebrities, you might also want to do whatever it takes to reduce your weight, but the secret is actually maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This means that you have to take on plenty of water everyday, do regular exercises, take fresh fruits, vegetables and foods, avoid junk foods and alcohol etc. So, without following a cost effective celebrity weight loss procedure, you can rather follow your own routine to reduce your weight.

What Do Celebrities Do?

To succeed with their weight and fitness goals, these admirable celebrities undergo strict diet and weight loss programs. Due to the high profile of celebrities, we all get to see the results of these incredibly successful weight loss programs.  I’ve listed some of the strategies below –

Jenny Craig

jenny-craig-before-and-afterThis popular weight-loss system has been endorsed by many celebrities. Complemented with dietary counselling, a support system of fellow dieters and improved physical activities, the focus of the Jenny Craig system is substituting bad habits and unhealthy food choices with portion-controlled, pre-packaged healthy and tasty meals. The Jenny Craig plan also works for those who have lost their self-esteem and the motivation to choose better food options by helping them regain their self-confidence in what and how much they eat.


Oprah and her trainer, Bob Greene

oprah-winfrey-before-and-afterThe queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey, inspired many women in different ways during the long course of her very influential program, the Oprah Winfrey Show. It is public knowledge that Oprah has battled with her own weight for decades and she claims that her life was forever changed under the guidance of her friend, fitness expert and trainer Bob Greene. By now the ‘Get with the Program’ plan has become part of the American consciousness not only as a catch phrase but also as a strategy to fitness and health that takes a multi-faceted approach.

Dancing With The Stars

Among the top celebrity weight loss strategies, none combine entertainment, the performing arts and improved fitness quite like this reality TV show. Busting a move is imperative during rehearsals and live on TV, the slew of celebrity contestants regardless if they win or lose the competition are bound to end up with dramatic weight-loss results. We’ve witnessed countless times, the weight loss journey’s that celebrities go on during this show!

Biggest Loser

biggest-loser-before-and-after2This is the show where all the contenders really end up as winners. The last one standing, however, ends up with the additional perk of winning a handsome cash prize. This is also reality TV where average overweight and obese Americans can resort to if all else fails. With celebrity trainers like Jillian Michael’s and Bob Harper who are determined to whip contestants into shape by guiding them through a strict and supervised diet and exercise program, an entire team of contestants can lose a combined average of 1,000 pounds or more! Incredible!

Jennifer Hudson and Weight Watchers

jennifer-hudson-before-and-afterWeight Watchers has been a popular weight loss system for over a decade, and the latest spokesperson to endorse the famous brand is Jennifer Hudson. When she was a finalist on American Idol, Jennifer Hudson was already brimming with so much talent and potential even if she was on the heavier side. After winning an Oscar and several awards in music, she subsequently became a mom and decided to shed the baby weight through Weight Watcher’s Points Plus program. Among the most successful weight loss strategies, the results seen from Ms. Hudson are by far the most dramatic – she’s in the best shape of her life, and it looks as though it’s for keeps.

What Does This Tell Us?

If you take one thing away from this article, let it be the fact that all of the above weight loss strategies and results have one key element in common – they are all based on health food and exercise choices. We can all stop eating “junk” food, and be more active, but it’s combing those two things and making the right food and activity choices that will ultimately unlock the weight loss door and lead you down the path to burning fat then looking and importantly, feeling amazing.

If you feel great, you’ll look even better. Remember, the most important investment you’ll ever make is yourself. So don’t be afraid or ashamed of putting yourself first and being the healthiest and fittest version of you! Good luck!

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