Lose Weight in 10 Minutes

HIIT Session – Lose Weight in 10 Minutes

Have you got weight loss goals but are struggling to achieve them?  Have tried many different diets and continually trained through to exhaustion? Perhaps you need to re-visit your training program, for example, running on a treadmill until your legs turn to jelly, although is great for your cardiovascular system, might not be helping your weight loss or physique goals.  Have you ever considered HIIT training? Keep reading and we’ll tell you how you can start burning stubborn fat and losing weight in as little as 10 minutes!!

What is HIIT?

HIIT or better known as High Intensity Interval Training is a training method or technique where you give everything you have in short sharp bursts, followed by short but active recovery periods.

How To Follow This HIIT Circuit

This HIIT session is based on the rule of 10.  That’s 10 repetition of each exercise with 1o seconds rest before starting the circuit again.  You should continue to go through the circuit for 10 minutes (or more if you’re ready for it).  There are only 4 exercises in this HIIT workout, with very minimal preparation required.  It’s important to warm-up before the starting the workout and if you have time after, to go through a series of stretches to prevent lactic acid build up.  Good luck!

Box Jumps

plyometricsA high intense exercise bringing into play all of your leg muscles and core. Box jumps, when performed correctly promote strength, power, muscle growth and increased flexibility.  The key is to focus on your hip extension for a complete overall result.

Standing with your legs shoulder width apart, crouch until almost in a squatting position.  The focus should be on explosive power and movement.  You need to jump on to the raised platform or box by bringing your knees up quickly.  Once your feet are placed on the box, the power from your hamstrings and glutes is used to extend up from the hips.

When in the standing position, you now need to dismount by bending at the knees and jumping backwards.  Be sure when landing back on the floor to continue to bend at the knee so as not to jar your knees, hips or back.

Raised Leg Press-Ups

decline-pushups-622x485The main difference between regular press-ups and raised leg press-ups is that this variation puts more wait onto  your chest and focuses  more on the upper chest muscles.  Why is this included in this HIIT session?  Simply because there is more weight involved in this press-up movement, it will appear or feel much more intense – which is what we’re working towards.  An intense workout to burn more fat and lose weight fast.

Also engaged in this exercise are the triceps and shoulders.  You’ll find that your triceps are involved with most pushing movements and it’s often thought that the stronger your triceps the more weight your chest can take – working in tandem.

You can can decide how much of your triceps and shoulders are involved by the way you position you hands.  Placing them directly inline with your shoulders in the standard position, bring them closer together puts more weight on to your triceps, while moving them outwards will engage you shoulders more.

Kettlebell Swings

kettlebell_swing2The Kettlebell Swing is the perfect exercise to open up your posture and extend your frame.  With many of us sitting at a desk day-in-day-out, we tend to get lazy sitting in chairs and as a result our posture and back suffer greatly.  The kettlebell swing is the perfect single exercise that works your back, shoulders, core and legs in one hit!

Do to the nature of the exercise, it’s very energy intensive so you’ll find you start breathing heavy very quickly…..this is a good thing.  Working hard this quickly will prompt your body to start burning fat instantly so you’ll start achieving your body goals straight away.

To perform this exercise, start with the kettlebell on the floor, between your legs and inline with your heels.  Reach down, keeping your back and arms straight and extended, bending at the hips and knees.  Swing the kettlebell forward extending your arms to chest height and standing up straight, fully extending your hip and opening your back.  To bring the kettlebell back, reverse the movement then repeat.

Mountain Climbers

image001The final exercise in this HIIT circuit is Mountain Climbers – which is yet again, another full body exercise that’s designed to get your body pumping and you breathing hard very quickly.  The reason it’s so effective is because it engaging all of the major muscle group of your body; all legs muscles, core, shoulders, arms and chest….nothing gets an opportunity for a rest!Reduced Recovery Time

Why is engaging all muscle groups beneficial not just for a HIIT exercise but also for fat burning and weight loss? Simply because the more muscles working means the more energy your body is using – using increased levels of energy means you’re burning more calories, increasing blood circulation around your body and improving strength.

You must keep your core frame parallel with the floor at all times. Pushing both of your feet off the floor, in turn bring one foot to rest in front of the other.  With one leg extended fully and the other being brought up to meet you chest (or as close as possible).  Continue to alternate the movement for the selected number of reps of time period.

Final Summary

To start burning fat and losing weight you need to have the right mindset and the drive to succeed.  Fat doesn’t just disappear like magic, it’s dedication and effort but one thing we do know is that your don’t need to complete hours and hours of training in the gym.  Short sharp HIIT sessions are all you need to achieve your ideal body goals.

As we’ve just demonstrated, just 10 minutes a day can put you on the path to success and what’s more, you can complete these exercises from the comfort of your own home – no need to sign up to a gym if you don’t want to just yet or there isn’t one near you. There are no excuses anymore, this is quick and easy and only takes 10 minutes to complete. You’re notice the changes instantly!!

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