Seth Rogen Weight Loss

How Seth Rogen Got in Great Shape

Seth Rogen fans were surprised when the actor underwent a successful body transformation for his appearance in the film Green Hornet. According to reports, the celebrity lost over 30 pounds while preparing for his role in the movie.


Looking at him, you would almost think it’s a different person. How exactly did he manage to achieve such a remarkable weight loss?

Seth’s Weight Loss Plan…

As it turns out, Seth followed the 5 Factor Diet, a weight loss routine which was created by Harley Pasternak, a Hollywood celebrity trainer. The underlying concept of the routine is that you’re supposed to do things on a check list over 5 times every day. This includes working out as well as following a strict diet. This program has become increasingly more popular with many other A-list celebrities in Hollywood such as Megan Fox, Kanye West and Katherine Heigel to name a few, all having enrolled on to the program as well.

Fortunately, the concept behind the 5 Factor Diet is easy to grasp. The diet recommends that you eat 5 times a day. This keeps metabolism active all day. The program also requires that dieters take in the right kinds of food and calories required to fuel the body.

Another reason this diet program is considered successful is because it considers the sugar levels in the body; this is referred to as the glycemic index. Foods with lower sugar levels according to Harley Pasternak, help the body to burn fat.

The rules surrounding the exercise routine are also a major driving factor behind the program’s success. The work-out focuses on building lean muscles while burning excess fats in the process. The program also factors work-out rests which boost the hormones required for muscle conditioning (like testosterone).

The Diet Challenge

The challenge in this program however comes when you’re required to stick to the diet. According to the program, you’re required to eat 5 meals a day, each containing 5 ingredients. Each of these meals is also required to take no more than 5 minutes in preparation. Additionally, these meals should have plenty of fibre, low fat, low sugar levels and high quality proteins. In the case of celebrities who have a tight schedule and may be unable to prepare their own meals, there is the option of purchasing low calorie foods from the diet’s official website – so everything is done for you.

Workout and Exercise

The work-out portion of the program on the other hand requires you to do 5 different exercises in 5 minute intervals 5 days a week. Dumbbells are recommended as the ideal equipment for weight training because this will be convenient for busy people, enabling  them/you to carry work-out equipment wherever you go.

You Can Do It Too!

Losing weight can be quite a nightmare but Pasternak’s weight loss routine, coupled with healthy living goes a long way to achieve good results. Seth Rogen is proof enough of one of the most remarkable celebrity weight loss transformations. If Seth managed to lose over 30 pounds in such a short period, anything is quite possible provided you have the drive to achieve a certain goal.

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