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Burn Fat & Lose Weight With PhenQ

The secret is out…it’s true, there isn’t a magic diet pill that will make you lose all your unwanted fat in the blink of an eye.  But there is PhenQ, and it’s the next best thing – PhenQ is a market leader in burning fat to lose weight and it comes with a proven, very successful track record.  Say goodbye to unwanted fat and start looking and feeling amazing today!!


The Basics

Before we dive any deeper into PhenQ and what benefits you can get from it, we need to make one thing very clear.  This isn’t a “magic” diet pill, it’s a weight loss supplement that should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet that promotes fat burning.  What we mean by this is, it isn’t a pill that you should take instead of eating, in fact it’s actually the opposite to that.

There are a number of key things that need to happen in order for your body to be in “the fat burning zone“, your core temperature needs to be increased thus forcing your body to burn through stored energy (fat) to keep constantly keep you at a cooler temperature.

Your heart rate also needs to be increased slightly – we’re not talking like a fast drum solo, but increased enough to be pumping more blood and fluid around your body – this works in tandem with increasing your core metabolic temperature as its the blood and other body fluids being pumped around your body that keep you cool.

How Does PhenQ Work?

e40dd3d434d96ba8dfc74145cf7b817bAs we’ve already started to discuss, with the PhenQ weight loss supplement you’ll benefit and increase your weight loss results in four key ways;

* Burning Stored Fat

* Increased Energy Levels

* Prevent Fat Production

* Reduced Appetite

The ingredients in PhenQ are no secret, they’re commonly available as individual products in the weight loss market, however PhenQ and blended these ingredients to put them a cut above the rest. The PhenQ weight loss supplement combines all these ingredients to form an incredibly powerful single supplement.

REMEMBER: Only PhenQ blend these four ingredients in this way to produce such a supplements

By increasing you’re metabolic rate, PhenQ raises your core temperature thus forcing your body to work harder then normal to keep you cool. To do this you’ll need more energy so PhenQ uses your existing fat stores by turning them into energy cells – this gives a double impact with a) more energy than before and, b) you’re burning through previously stubborn fat cell.

Not only will you have more energy, but the increase in natural amino acid will slow down or even prevent your body from generating more fat cell. The increase in fibre will assist your body in using and burning through fat rather than storing it.

What’s in PhenQ?

The PhenQ weight loss supplement is a combination of 4 key ingredients – all of which are available in single form, but PhenQ has combined them into one manageable capsule and the results are staggering.  The ingredients are;

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax powder is a powerful fat blaster, blending caffeine, piperine, capsicum and vitamin B3 which together create a formula that help you burn fat and look slimmer by increasing thermogenesis which essentially means it turns up your core temperature.  Piperine is also known to prevent fat cells from forming – so once you’ve lost the fat you won’t get it back.

Calcium Carbonate

Like capsimax powder, Calcium is known to prevent fat cells from storing as much fat or in some cases even forming.  Calcium is clever by telling your body that you have enough fuel therefore you tend to burn the stored fat so you can lose unwanted weight very quickly


Being high in fibre, the nopal cactus helps you control your hunger urges, thus meaning if you’re not feeling as hungry then you’re less likely to eat. Another great benefit of the nopal cactus is that it has a very high amino acid content which proves to provide you with increased energy levels when burning through fat and losing weight.

L‐Carnitine Furmarate

This is a natural amino acid that’s found in food like red meats, green vegetables and most nuts.  Turning stored fat cells into energy, thus meaning when you’re losing weight you’re only burning fat fighting tiredness too with the increased energy levels.




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